Terra Soil Science cc provides a range of environmental and agricultural related soil consulting services which include:


 Environmental impact assessments based on:

Soil classification and pedological processes;

Agricultural potential, land use and land capability;

Mitigating measures, management practices and monitoring protocols for the impact of mining and/or housing developments on the soil environment including recommendations regarding soil stripping, handling, replacement and rehabilitation.


Soil based wetland delineation surveys in:

Disturbed landscapes where vegetation has been removed or influenced;

Complex geological areas with distinct soil variation; and

Halfway House granite and dolomite derived soils and related landscapes where delineation guideline application is problematic.


Agricultural potential studies that assess:

Soil fertility status;

Soil health including microbial population and activity;

Dry-land production potential; and

Irrigated production potential.


Soil pollution assessment, mitigation and remediation that entail:

Forensic soil chemistry and physics;

Contaminant solubility, transport and fate; and

Remediation practices that take into account the client’s and the environment’s needs.


Mining and industry related rehabilitation plans which focus on:

The chemical and physical fertility status of soil; and

Recommendations regarding fertilisation and monitoring programs.


Integrated land use planning




Soil mapping

Vegetation mapping

Landscape classification

3D modelling

Landtype mapping

Land-use mapping

Remote sensing

Surface water modelling

Location maps

Ortho photo maps

Cadastral maps



Our clients include landscape architect firms, environmental consulting firms, mining companies, farmers and government.

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